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For sale New build Tias Lanzarote Photo 1
For sale

New build in Tias

599.000 €

For sale Villa Tias Lanzarote Photo 1
For sale

Villa in Puerto del Carmen

1.195.000 €

For sale Villa Tias Lanzarote Photo 1
For sale Reduced

Villa in Puerto del Carmen

699.000 € 750.000 €

For sale House Tias Lanzarote Photo 1
For sale New

House in Tias

588.000 €

For sale Villa Tias Lanzarote Photo 1
For sale New

Villa in Puerto del Carmen

940.000 €

Lanzarote estate agents with property for sale in Lanzarote

Real Estate Lanzarote are Estate agents in Lanzarote with property for sale in lanzarote. With years of experience with completing there first property transaction in 1989. Search for a as play a crucial role in the real estate market on this picturesque Spanish island of Lanzarote, which is one of the Canary Islands, is known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and year-round pleasant weather, making it a desirable destination for both tourists and expatriates seeking to invest in property. As local real estate experts who facilitate property transactions and help clients navigate the unique aspects of the island's real estate market.

We have been selling Lanzarote investments. Undoubtedly lanzarote offers some great investment opportunities, a lot of our clients are seeking for a good rental return on the their property purchase and Lanzarote is particularly attractive to those looking for a return on their investment. Although the market can fluctuate from time to time, many of our clients have made the right choice by making this strategic decision and buying a property through us and done very well out of this process.

Buying a property in Lanzarote?

With our local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the island's real estate market. Understanding the island villages and locations, as well as property types, and pricing trends, enabling us to provide valuable insights to our clients. we have an extensive portfolio of properties available for sale on the island. whether its a holiday homes, apartments, villas, or commercial properties we are here to help you find your ideal property. The most popular for holiday rentals are in the tourist lotions on the island which are Puerto del Carmen, Puerto Calero, Playa Blanca and Costa teguise.

Although Lanzarote is a diverse island with a variety of regions, each offering a unique atmosphere and lifestyle. From the bustling tourist hub of Puerto del Carmen to the tranquil villages of Teguise and Yaiza, your choice of location will greatly influence your overall living experience. Consider factors such as proximity to the beach, amenities, schools, and healthcare facilities when selecting the perfect location for your property.

As intermediaries during negotiations between buyers and sellers. we work to secure favorable terms and conditions for our clients and facilitate the closing of deals.

we strongly recommend seeking legal advice and support throughout the buying process which is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction, we can help assist you a list of correctly registered lawyers. Your lawyer will also guide you through the due diligence process, property title checks, and contract. Along with what documentation is required and help you understand the legal obligations associated with property ownership in Spain.

Establish a clear budget for your property purchase in Lanzarote. It's essential to factor in not only the property's purchase price but also additional costs like property taxes, legal fees, and agent commissions which will be another 8% - 10% on top . If you require financing, explore options with local banks and financial institutions, keeping in mind that lending criteria may differ for non-residents.

Property Viewing and Inspection: Arrange property viewings to get a firsthand look at the homes that interest you. During these visits, assess the property's condition, proximity to amenities, and overall suitability for your needs. A professional inspection may be advisable to identify any potential issues or necessary repairs.

Making an Offer: Once you've found your ideal property, it's time to make an offer. Will help you negotiate the price and terms with the seller. Once both parties agree, a reservation contract is typically signed, accompanied by a deposit 1%.

Finalizing the Purchase: With the help of your lawyer, complete all the necessary paperwork, including obtaining an NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) if you are a non-resident. The final purchase contract which is your title deed, known as the "Escritura," is signed before a notary public, and the remaining payment is made. After this step, the property officially becomes yours.

Post-Purchase Considerations: After acquiring your Lanzarote property, you may need to arrange for utilities, property management, and any necessary renovations or furnishings. Familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding property taxes, residency, and other obligations. Buying property in Lanzarote is a dream come true for many, offering the chance to experience the island's beauty, culture, and lifestyle year-round. By understanding the local real estate market, seeking professional advice, and carefully navigating the legal process, you can confidently make your property ownership aspirations a reality in this paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. Lanzarote awaits you with open arms, ready to welcome you to your new home.